Fergana road

The “Fergana road” project comprises reconstruction of the Fergana road and construction of urban facilities. The project will be located on the area of 227.57 hectares along the Fergana road. This road is a route with length of 6,250 meters (6.25 km). The project involves the reconstruction of the Fergana road itself, as well as the construction of new residential buildings, parks, modern business offices, hotels, hypermarkets, entertainment centers, social institutions such as schools, kindergartens, special cultural facilities, private clinics. These facilities are functionally linked and mutually сomplementary in harmony with the traditions of Uzbek architecture. The goal of the project is the modernization of the existing route and arrangement of the territory around, the creation of a harmonious architectural appearance of one of the largest urban highways. The construction will be carried out according to the most modern European technologies in compliance with environmental standards.