24 Entrepreneurs Submitted to Implement Investment Projects at 2.1 trillion Sums on "Investor Day"

13.05.2019 2120

Investments today are not just funds directed to a specific project, it is a significant contribution to the development of the capital today and tomorrow. Investments in various sectors are important for the growth of the economy, the creation of new jobs, and increasing the living standards of the people. The Investor's Day, held every Wednesday in the Tashkent city administration, opens the way for review and implementation of projects that serve the future of the capital.


At the event held on May 8, 46 entrepreneurs participated in the opening of industrial enterprises, construction of new residential and service facilities.

Following the results of the event, the decision was taken by Tashkent city mayor for the implementation of projects worth a total of 2.1 trillion soums. Of these, $ 88.5 million is foreign direct investment.


The event was also attended by the authorized representatives of 22 projects with total cost of 375.3 billion soums.


Tashkent city administration will invite all investors and foreign partners to participate actively in this event.

To participate in the event, you can place your own business project at https://tashinvest.uz/.